Advanced Night Photography
Night Workshop with Class the Following Day

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Digital Photography
After the Sun Goes Down

This two day workshop will cover both basic and advanced techniques involved with getting unique results while shooting at night. We'll meet at the school first to cover these concepts, as well as, to introduce the homemade portable studio lighting system. This portable light allows you to brightly light up the night landscape with the quality and even light distribution of studio lights. Interchangeable bulbs allows you to decide on brightness and color temperature for any scene. After learning how to use these lights, integrating gels for color, and shooting the stars, we'll head to our location to capture the night. A follow-up class the next day will cover organizing and processing your images within Lightroom and using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet to complete your vision.

Topics Covered Include:

• Light Sources & Necessary Equipment
• Environmental Considerations
• Choosing a Location/Subject
• Setting Up: Exposure settings and creativity
• Introducing the Stars
• Painting with Light
• Using your Portable Studio Light
• Using Lightroom & Photoshop to post-process your images
• Working with a Wacom Tablet

What to Bring:

• A laptop loaded with Adobe® Lightroom and Photoshop CS
• Camera with a Bulb mode
• Sturdy but comfortable Tripod
• Remote switch, Cable release, or Timer Controller
• Lenses (preferably wide-angle)
• Lens hood also recommended
• Bright Flashlight, MagLite, or LED
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Students will be given a class booklet for taking notes

Note: Each student will receive their own Portable Studio Light & Wacom tablet for use during the workshop.