Photographing the Night 1 Night Workshop

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Digital Photography After the Sun Goes Down

Whether it be in the country or the city, the night has it's own personality to offer. You’ll get the best of both worlds in this hands-on class. First, we’ll meet at the school to discuss the various necessities and approaches to shooting at night including shooting the stars and painting with light. We’ll then take that knowledge to a location to be announced, a unique location perfect for practicing our new skills to ensure great results. This fun workshop is a great way to ease into the unique challenges of photographing the night.

Topics Covered Include:

• Necessary Equipment
• Environmental Considerations
• Choosing a Location/Subject
• Setting Up: Exposure settings and creativity
• Shooting Stars
• Painting with Light

What to Bring:

• Camera with a Bulb mode
• Sturdy but comfortable Tripod
• Remote switch, Cable release, or Timer Controller
• Lenses (preferably wide-angle)
• Lens hood also recommended
• Flashlight, MagLite, or LED light
• Comfortable walking shoes
• Students will be given a class booklet for taking notes

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