Testimonials About Dean Stevenson's Teaching

Last fall I went to Dean’s Grand Tetons travel workshop. For me it was a life event. Dean added several key components to make a successful trip. First thing that impressed me was his attention to detail. Dean was familiar with the venues and kept a schedule to maximize our experiences and expose us to different aspects of photography. In my case I had several opportunities to learn and experiment with night photography. Before we left for these venues he had already plotted out the best time, the anticipated weather and direction of the Milky Way. Even though I considered myself an experienced photographer for the last ten years I was strictly an aperture only photographer. On this trip I was coached to use shutter speed settings, manual setting, and auto ISO when the venue warranted a different approach.

When visiting an area for the first time and when time is finite you do not want to waste time looking for convenient accommodations, looking for remote and off the beaten track venues, studying a map trying to optimize your experience and venues. Dean had done his homework and we were able to concentrate on our photos. His passion to be out in the field taking photos is contagious. The Grand Tetons should be on every one’s bucket list. It is such a beautiful part of the country that there are times when you need to put the camera down and take in the view in front of you. I left with a wonderful set of photos and experiences.

Norm Kanwisher
Grand Teton Photography Workshop

I had the good fortune of attending Dean's Basic One Day Workshop as well as his Grand Teton Workshop in Jackson Hole, WY. I feel that both workshops catapulted my photography skills far more than any other workshop I have attended. Dean's teaching skills make learning easy and uncomplicated. His expertise is extensive and he is able to share his knowledge and tips in a manner that even the most novice of photographers can understand. He is extremely attentive during shooting and class room sessions. I highly recommend Dean to both new and seasoned photographers!

Sally Hale
Grand Teton Photography Workshop

I recently attended Dean's Jackson Hole, Wyoming 6-day workshop. The lodging that Dean recommended worked out great since it was just a block or two off the center of downtown Jackson and the room was just what I needed...roomy, comfortable, quiet, clean and internet. We arose most days to get sunrise images at some the of most beautiful locations I have ever seen. Dean was most informative on lens use and camera settings. In the evenings we went to locations to shoot the milky way, sunsets, and star trails. His knowledge of night photography was spot on and I got many great images. The classroom time was informative it was obvious to me that Dean's knowledge of all aspects of photography and the ability to pass that information on to his attendees was exactly what I expected and needed.

Rob Hale
Grand Teton Photography Workshop

My husband gave me one of Dean's classes as a gift in order for me to begin to pursue my passion in photography. Having had absolutely no prior formal training, we had been researching various local programs/teachers in the Atlanta area. I am so very thankful to have stumbled upon Dean! He is a wonderful teacher. His class was engaging and so rich with information. The course materials provided were thorough and even included practical lesson applications. Dean's love for his craft was evident as well as his desire to see his students' growth and success. I look forward to taking more of Dean's classes in the future!

Sarah Bradfield
One Day Basic Digital Workshop

I took Dean’s basic digital photography workshop and I must say that Dean is a very likeable guy and a very good teacher. I can say without a doubt that anyone new to photography should take this class. Dean uses analogies to explain complicated terms and techniques to make them easy to understand. The class was just long enough to get a good grasp of all the concepts discussed and performed. The workshop was filled with actionable techniques and not a lot of filler just to waste time. I am looking forward to attending more workshops in the future.

Said El-Amin
One Day Basic Digital Workshop

Dean, thanks so much for the wealth of information that you shared during the course. Your teaching style and methods were quickly and easily applied to my photography style. I really enjoyed the class and will looking forward to building on this foundation in the next class.

Nevin Watson
5 Week Basic Digital class

I just took Dean's 1 day Basic Digital Photography class, and all I have to say is WOW! Dean is an amazing photographer, and an even better teacher. He takes the time to make sure you understand every bit of his 10 steps to a great photo. Going into his class I knew very little about real photography, as my main experiences were with a P&S camera in auto. Needless to say I would almost never get the shots that I really wanted. Now after taking Dean's class I can confidently say that I am ready to start taking amazing photos, and I have the knowledge to do so. I will definitely be taking more of Dean's classes, and would recommend him to anyone looking to take your photography to that next level. It's time to get yourself out of Auto!

Christopher Carter
Basic Digital Workshop

"I had heard great things about Dean before he went into business for himself, so I took his 5 wk. advanced digital class in the spring, then his composition class in Nov. 2012.

As a 'young,'retired elementary school teacher, I was so impressed not only with his expertise & passion for photography, but also the manner in which he presented the material each week in class-organized,sequential skills, with a manual to keep with additional resources and inspiring quotes, examples from world-renowned photographers.

I enjoyed his eager, honest critiques of my photos each week, his willingness, promptness to answer questions, clarify skills, photo. equipment without me feeling inferior.

Although I want to keep learning much more, Dean is a great instructor, & I've highly recommended him to others interested in photography.

He's inspired me to become a better photographer, but before I click the shutter, I ask myself, will this image 'tell a story?' I then remember, "A good photograph is knowing where to stand," & "less is more!"

Sharon McQuade
Advanced Digital and Creative Composition

"Dean is a rare breed of instructors and photographers. Photography, by nature, is a creative art. However, what has and continues to impress me is Dean's ability to build his art to such a level that teaching the art and skills that he has mastered, comes easily and naturally. I've taken too many workshops with Dean to count: from a beginners DSLR workshop, flash to creative composition.

He can get as technical as you need, find out the answer to any question that you may have or be a source of inspiration through his creative work, theory or concepts to consider. In his workshops, he easily and comfortably is able to connect with each student, remember their learning style and provide constructive feedback and instruction to help them.

Whatever your photography education needs are, Dean delivers each and every time and his passion for his educational workshops and art shows. You'll be hard pressed to find someone with as much integrity and knowledge to help you along your photographic journey."

Nattawut Guname
Basic Digital Workshop, Advanced Digital, Creative Composition, Flash

"I attended a 2-hour presentation from Dean at a meeting of the Cherokee Photography Club. His relaxed demeanor and obvious expertise convinced me that I wanted to take one of his classes. Two classes and two Meet-Ups later, I have not regretted a minute. I have learned so much from Dean, both in design and the technical aspects of photography. Dean is not only the best photography instructor I have experienced (and there have been several), but also among the top instructors I have had in any subject. If you’re wondering whether to take a class at his studio, don’t hesitate. You will absolutely not be disappointed."

Michael Chalmers
Advanced Digital Photography, Creative Composition, Meetups

"This experience into the world of photography has been so exciting! Dean’s ability for technical instruction and practical experience is both very comprehensible and informative. Dean explains in great detail a logical approach to the understanding of aperture, shutter speeds, and ISO by having you shoot in a variety of situations, including low-light, bright-sun, objects in motion and others, using different combinations of camera settings and techniques.

If you are having an issue with comprehending something, he is more than patient and kind enough to thoroughly explain. He also supplies written material that he goes over with you in class. He really wants each and everyone of his students to succeed with their own personal photography goals. I have taken several classes with Dean and each time it has been an exceptional experience. Dean really loves what he does and it shows from his own great personal photography to the way that he teaches."

Donna Pandzic
Basic Digital Photography, Creative Composition, Basic Flash, Advanced Digital Photography

"Simply the best. That's how I describe Dean. Dean has a delightful combination of wit and knowledge, coupled with a passion for both photography and teaching that mirrors none. And it shows.

I have taken two classes, with more to come, and have had the pleasure of multiple one-on-one instructions from him, so I can say without a doubt and without hesitation that as long as Dean is breathing and teaching in Atlanta, he is my instructor.   

Not only has he matched my learning style, which is no easy task, but I've watched him meet everyone exactly where they are, and that is a priceless gift. Dean explains complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand, but if you don't get it the first way he describes it, he'll keep going until you do. And if you forget a concept, he'll gently and patiently remind you. I've never walked away from Dean feeling like my questions were left on the table.  

If you want personal and focused, complete and detailed teaching by someone who loves what they are doing, whether it's in a class or one-on-one, Dean is your instructor."

Beth Leeper
Basic Digital in a Day, Advanced Digital, Private Instruction 

"This was my 5th class with Dean and as usual he covered the material with a good flow and was very interactive with students. The associated instruction manual was very clear with screen shots of the topics being explained. As usual, I learned the subject well and I'm putting it to use to catalog 12000+ images from my business.

The studio is a great space with lots of light and the view from the roof is spectacular. I'm looking forward to next spring when the temperatures are warmer for the night photography class. I know it will be a good class!"

David Hawley – President and Principal Photographer, Geode Consulting Incorporated
Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, Creative Composition, Basic Flash, and Lightroom

"I’ve been taking pictures since the early 70‘s starting with a film SLR and switching several years ago to digital.  Everyone at work looked forward to my latest vacation album on Picasa. Recently, though, I learned there was more to photography beyond the right speed, ASA setting, and a beautiful subject and wanted to get better on purpose.  Fortunately, my daughter found Dean online and signed me up for a class. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I’d been taking pictures since before Dean was born. A little research online about composition though turned up an overwhelming array of information that I wasn’t going to master by myself. 
Well Dean made sense of both the technical and the art in just a few hours. He has great presentation skills honed over 6 years of teaching daily classes. The course information is organized logically so that something like aperture and DOF (I’ve been struggling with those for years) now seems pretty straightforward. To begin the class, he reviewed some of my best shots, made helpful suggestions to improve those, and then used them to reinforce points throughout the day. I’ve sat in a lot of presentations in my line of work and Dean is one of the better and more engaging presenters I’ve met. His course material is well organized, flows well from topic to topic, and is bound into a nice take home folder. It’s a resource I’ll go back to often. As part of each technical portion, he continually referred to my camera to verify that I understood how to achieve the effect with my own equipment.  Since this camera is new to me, it was very helpful to discover several features that I didn’t know about or didn’t understand. We finished the day with a couple of hours in the field putting the course work into practice. 
In retrospect, I got much more out of the day than I ever imagined. I’ve even noticed that architecture, landscapes, & TV programs are more pleasing when they follow the rules of composition." 
Dick Klinetob – long time picture taker and aspiring photographer
The 5 Elements/Composition One-Day Workshop

"I’d like to offer my recommendation for the Creative Composition course given by Dean Stevenson. Like most photographers, I know some composition principles, but it can be a tough issue to decide if those principles are being used in a photograph as effectively as possible. Dean has an experienced understanding of the elements of good photography and this course was one of the most productive I’ve taken.   
Most importantly, Dean and I agreed that we would be candid and critical in discussing ideas and techniques that could make my photos better. These discussions included class assignments but also a number of photographs I had taken previously. Our discussions were essentially a professional review of my best images over the past several years concurrent with class assignments designed to focus on items we had discussed. As a result, I can clearly see results in my ability to produce both a higher standard and wider variety of photographs." 

Ed Gulesserian
Creative Composition Class

"Dean's Advanced Photo Class was everything I wanted in an advanced class, helpful, informative and interesting. He gave us weekly photo assignments based on the lesson and began the next weeks lesson with a photo critique. Dean has the rare combination of talent and ability to teach the subject.  I plan to take more classes!!" 

Brenda Rehrig
Advanced Digital Photography

"Dean admittedly has the most bizarre examples to break down the most complex concepts. That is one of the the many qualities that makes Dean the wonderful teacher that he is. His thorough understanding of the subject coupled with his passion to continue in his art of capturing great photos, makes him the kind of teacher that one can learn a tremendous amount from. The best part probably is that one learns without feeling intimidated or feeling like a beginner. I took one class from Dean and I look forward to many more."

Ayesha Dcruz
Advanced Digital Photography

"Dean Stevenson is not only a talented photographer, but also a gifted instructor. I have taken a variety of classes from Dean and each time found him to be extremely knowledgeable. He has a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of photography and is able to illustrate and explain these in a manner easy for anyone to understand. I believe Dean is a master with teaching composition and will inspire you to really think about your images as you shoot. My favorite part of Dean’s classes is his critiques of the students’ images. Dean will challenge you to reach far beyond your own expectations and as a result your photography skills will be strengthened and creatively enhanced. If there was one person I could go to for help with my photography, it would be Dean Stevenson. He is a great teacher, will challenge you technically and creatively and he makes learning fun."

Donna Thompson
Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, Creative Composition, Monastery, and Meetups

"Dean Stevenson is not only a truly great photographer, he is the consummate teacher. Over the past several years, I have taken many classes from Dean and some of them I have taken multiple times and he is truly what makes the classes so compelling. I was immediately impressed with his technical grasp of photography but even more so by his ability to effortlessly translate the information to the student. As an instructor he weaves the technical together with the artistic helping the student understand the what and how of good photography and appreciating the artistry of photography. In class, He covers each topic thoroughly and illustrates the discussion with relevant examples before an assignment is given.

One of the most valuable aspects of Dean's classes are the assignment critiques. Each student's work is honestly discussed in the context of the assignment. During the critiques he gives valuable feedback for improvement and praise where deserved. Some of my classes with Dean were in the field, where he conducted group discussion about the subject matter and then spent individual time with each student to evaluate on the fly the photos taken and suggesting way to improve composition and technique. No matter how many time I have taken a class from Dean, I come away marveling at how much I have learned. I am always inspired by his enthusiasm and come away energized to be a better photographer. He has taught me not to fear an honest critique of my work but to use the information to improve and grow. I look forward to many more opportunities to attend Dean's classes."

Michael Parvin
Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, Creative Composition, Flash Class, Monastery, and Meetups

"I have attended many photography seminars and classes and without a doubt, Dean is the best instructor I've ever heard. Besides intimately knowing photographic composition and technical aspects, Dean is passionate about his subject area. His passion is contagious to his students as he strives to push them in furthering their skills and striving for excellence. Not only is Dean passionate about photography; he is also passionate about teaching what he knows to others. Whether you're a beginner or advanced photographer, Dean has a knack for making the subject understandable; he's a natural teacher. I highly recommend him as both an excellent instructor and photographer."

Greg Brooks, Walton EMC Communications Coordinator
Creative Composition

"I have taken just about every class that has been taught by Dean Stevenson and I wanted to write to say thanks. Some of the best photographic instruction that I have ever received was in his classes and one-on-one. Dean has an easy way of describing the principles so that everyone got up to speed fast. I appreciate the hard work and prep he put into everything that he does. And, he makes learning photography fun... like it should be. I am looking forward to the next class."

Andy Hughes
Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, Creative Composition and Flash

"Dean is a fabulous teacher! He is kind, patient, and has a great sense of humor. He understands how to break the material down so that even beginners can understand it. However, his knowledge is also very extensive so that even the most advanced can learn new things from him. If you want to learn photography, Dean is the person to call."

Jenny Hughes
Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, and Creative Composition

"Dean Stevenson is a dynamic and engaging facilitator. Dean opened my eyes to a new and exciting world in photography by teaching me how to apply the rules and demonstrating creative ways in breaking them. Dean gives everyone the opportunity to push your talent to the next level by providing honest and critical feedback that promotes growth in both creativity and the technical aspects of photography. I highly recommend Dean to facilitate any photography course or take on any assignment. Dean delivers superior results."

Teri Darnell
Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, Creative Composition, and Flash

"What a find! I have known Dean professionally for over four years. I have attended several of his classes and also used his services as a private tutor. He is an excellent teacher who makes a very intimidating subject understandable and easy. He is both patient and very clear in his explanations and organizes his material in such a way that is concise yet builds on previous lessons or knowledge. Dean's background and depth of knowledge is impressive. But perhaps more impressive is willingness to find the answer to your question when he does not know it himself. After our sessions he has emailed me the names of products, labs and web sites he has researched after a difficult question arose. I hope to continue to work with Dean. His patience with my questions and problems is exemplary. I owe most of my progress with workflow and Photoshop to his excellent skills as a teacher and tutor."

Ellen Koransky
Basic Digital and Private Instruction

"The first time I approached a subject for a photo with an idea in mind and was then able to render the result I was looking for from my camera, I knew Dean Stevenson was the best photography instructor in Atlanta. Dean’s approach is a combination of technical instruction and practical experience. I spend endless time trying to work my way through an overly complicated camera manual only to end up frustrated. Dean explained in a logical and easy to comprehend way the mechanics of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. By having me shoot in a variety of situations, including low-light, bright-sun, objects in motion and others, using a different combination of camera settings, I quickly came to understand the capabilities of my camera. I really knew that I had gotten it the first time that I intuitively reached to chance my camera settings in order to adjust for conditions. I only wish that I had found Dean sooner. I could have avoided a lot of frustration and many hours combining through my piles of “I hope I at least got one good one!” photos."

Sherrie Bachmann
Basic Digital, Advanced Digital, and Private Instruction